Tips to stay on track during summer time ☀️


It’s summer. This time of the year when we eat and drink more but move certainly less.📉 🌼 It is important to take advantage of it, since summer is very short in the Maritimes. My tips to stay on track: Try to move (workout) in the morning. because on sunny day, if you postpone in […]

How to balance social life and fitness goals


How do I stay consistent with my health and fitness goals and still have an active social life? 📈 The people who know me well know that I love my social life aka drinking beer. 🍻 How do I balance the two? 1. First, my husband and I aren’t big fans of restaurants, which helps […]

10 things I couldn’t go without in my kitchen. ✨


1️⃣ Eggs: I eat them every single morning. Plus, I’m a big fan of pickled eggs for a snack. 2️⃣ Avocado oil: I use it for cooking and in some salad dressings. 3️⃣ Thinly sliced beef (fondue-style): I find it’s easy to cook. I like to cook it in a pan or boil it in […]

My favorite chest exercise


Chest workout, even more chest press, is often seen as a « male exercise ». In fact, any kind of chest exercise is a must for a balanced training, even for women. #cocomademedoit #keepitsimple #cocofitness Most of the chest movements will also target your front deltoids (shoulders) and your triceps. Which is gonna help you to get […]

What’s the best time of the day to train?


💜The best time is what YOU prefer. Your body doesn’t care if you workout in the morning, the afternoon or at night. ✅What’s important is that you show up! Just be sure to set realistic expectations. Don’t try to go to the gym around 5:00 am before heading to work if you’re not a morning […]

My fitness journey (2018)


💪🏼I’ve always been active and in good shape. Physical activity has always been part of my life. I’ve been a member at the gym for several years and I’ve always known what to do. I’m always consistent in my workouts and with my nutrition (80/20). But… 📝2 months ago, we were on a plane to […]

5 simple tips to achieve your fitness goals. 🏆

1️⃣ Don’t drink up your calories #waterisalwaysthebestoption. But beer and wine don’t count as calories #justkidding #youwish 2️⃣ Never miss a healthy meal twice. #stayontrack 3️⃣ Try to stay active in some way every day (this doesn’t mean going to the gym every day). #justkeepmoving 4️⃣ Incorporate a protein in every meal and snack #fuelingup […]

Get rid of belly fat


I read that once and it explains well why hundreds of crunches per night won’t melt that belly fat : 💡Trying to spot reduce fat by exercising that part of your body is like using a bucket trying to empty just one corner of a pool 💡 🏋🏼‍♀️We might think that if we want to […]

Drink your water💧


🚱Although the benefits of good hydration are well known, the vast majority of us don’t drink enough water. 💦Here’s a tip: I always start my day by drinking a bottle of water (like the one in the photo), even before my breakfast and coffee #firsthinginthemorning. 🥤Place a bottle of water on your nightstand the night […]

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