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  • Simple and effective exercises tailored for beginners, intermediate or advanced participants.
  • Every exercise features a video description.

This APP will provide you with a no-nonsense, realistic and achievable way to get you fitter, healthier and stronger. It also comes with additional workouts such as HIIT, target areas, express workout, detailed nutrition guideline and more to suit all your needs.

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Here is my dinner tonight 🥗#balancedplate #keepitsimple

• Green Lettuce
• Chopped fresh basil
• Chopped tomatoes
• Fresh mozzarella (20% MF)
• Sausages (basil and tomatoes) from @simplyforlife_dieppe
• Homemade garlic toast
• Drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar + salt and pepper

🧡These are the kind of recipes I'll be sharing with my Coco Fitness Fall Bundle clients over the next few weeks. 🧡
I’m so excited to get started! 🤩

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Bonne rentrée à tout le personnel enseignant! 🍎

Avant de devenir maman, j’étais enseignante (enseignante de français et enseignante ressource)…Un travail que j’ai adoré et qui me passionnait. 🥰
Après avoir eu ma fille, j’ai décidé de réorienter ma carrière pour avoir un plus de flexibilité et pour pouvoir passer plus de temps avec ma famille. 💚

En ce temps de l’année, j’ai toujours un petit pincement au coeur, un peu de nostalgie de manquer la rentrée avec tous mes anciens collègues!

Heureusement, mon présent travail combine mes deux passions : enseignement et la vie active. 🖤

Ironiquement, cette photo est celle de mon gym, tout prêt à accueillir ma première cliente de ce matin : une enseignante.

Il souvent difficile de trouver un équilibre de vie avec une carrière comme celle de l’enseignement par exemple.
J’ai travaillé avec des centaines de “busy mom” et je dirais que c’est ma spécialité de simplifier les choses pour elles et de faire en sorte qu’elles réussissent à développer des bonnes habitudes de vie actives, qui resteront à long terme. #realistic

D’ici les prochains jours, je vais lancer officiellement mon Coco Fitness Fall Bundle qui inclut 4 semaines de online coaching, un document d’informations (calendrier, guide de nutrition, recettes simples, trucs de motivation, etc.) + 2 mois d’abonnement à mon App.

Ce 4 semaines d’accompagnement va permettre au client non seulement de recevoir tous les outils et les connaissances nécessaires pour poursuivre un vie active et saine mais surtout de rester engagé #accountability.

C’est le parfait kickstart pour se remettre sur le bon chemin après le bel été que nous avons eu.
L’inscription se fera en ligne à partir du 7 septembre, mais tu peux réserver ta place dès maintenant (envoie un message privé).

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Freshness in a bowl ☀️
Summer isn’t over yet!

Here is my favorite condiment to accompany fish. Recipe in my blog at (link in bio)

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Do you feel like you've put your training aside and that your nutrition has taken a hit in the last few weeks? 🙋🏼‍♀️It’s totally normal and you’re not alone!

Nonetheless, I've managed to move almost every day, but it was more difficult to keep my nutrition healthy.
➡️Like I always said, our summer is short and I will never let my fitness goals affect the precious time with my family and my social life. 💚

🗓I am currently working on a 4 week accompaniment “Coco Fitness Movement” (weekly check-in, support group, etc.), so that my App clients remain accountable for these 28 days and acquire knowledge in nutrition and fitness that is sustainable and realistic.

During these 28 days, my goal is not only for my clients to "lose fat" or "increase muscle mass". Above all, it’s that they can pursue a healthy lifestyle that suits their daily life, which will be maintainable long term.

It starts at the beginning of September. More info to come (registration will be online at the end of this month at!

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Y’en a une prête à fê l’autre qui est prête pour le dodo!
Bonne célébrations de l’Acadie! 🌠🤍❤️
Merci @nadiav88 pour le chandail personnalisé à point!

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What’s your favorite brand of workout shoes? 👟 👟

There are several brands, many models, for all tastes and preferences that will suit any type of training.

Overall, I would say that Nike has been my favorite brand since the Free Run 2018 model; they were the most comfortable shoes I ever had.
Unfortunately, they don't make them anymore, but I still have a few pairs at home, so I’m good for a while.
For my next pair, I’m getting curious with trying the @on_running brand.

What’s your favorite brand and model?

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The only white pants I own that aren’t see-through... well the upper part of it! 💁🏼‍♀️

Happy long weekend here in NB! ☀️

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I still can’t believe that nowadays, some people will avoid eating fruits because they "contain sugar".

Have you ever seen someone becoming overweight because they were eating too much fruits? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Didn’t think so!

🍎Fruits aren’t only delicious, they’re full of nutriments, they are hydrating and low in calories.

When it comes to your snacks, choose a fruit or vegetable and add a serving of protein (cheese, yogurt, almonds, etc.) to it. The protein will slow down the digestion of your snack, which will help in keeping you fuller, longer.

🍇What’s your favorite fruit?

🍓Mine is definitely the strawberry, especially at this time of year; the local ones taste like candy!

#cocofitnessapp #keepitsimple #cocofitness

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