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This APP is straightforward: YOU choose your program.

App Features

  • 25 different training programs.
  • Programs built for working out 3, 4 or 5 times a week.
  • 30-35 minute workouts using minimal equipment at home or at the gym.
  • Simple and effective exercises tailored for beginners, intermediate or advanced participants.
  • Every exercise features a video description.

This APP will provide you with a no-nonsense, realistic and achievable way to get you fitter, healthier and stronger. It also comes with additional workouts such as HIIT, target areas, express workout, detailed nutrition guideline and more to suit all your needs.

Price: 13.49$ Monthly

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Screenshots - Coco Fitness App

Here is a promo video created by @rorysphotovids .

Rory is a videographer serving the Moncton area.
He's polite, organized and very professional.
He created and edited this video in less than 3 days!

He had contacted me a few months ago since he wanted to create a fitness video for his portfolio.

I really liked the experience, thanks Rory!

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...half the battle will be won.
#keepitsimple #cocofitnessapp

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Traveling might be restricted for us...but Coco Fitness App is still touring through the Alps...
#switzerland #useitfromeverywhere
📷 : @chaaanele

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Typical Lunch.
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Do you want to know her secret?

This client has been working out for a 1 year and a half…c o n s i s t e n t l y!

Not everyone that enrolls in a fitness program has fat loss as the main goal. My client has gained 3 lbs since she started following the Coco Fitness plan.

Here are 5 benefits that her #keepitsimple lifestyle has brought her:

✔️Decreased stress level ;
✔️Improved posture ;
✔️Became Stronger #pullups ;
✔️Has way more energy during the day (and less fatigue overall) ;
✔️Gained muscles mass.

She understands how to balance her daily life by KEEPING IT SIMPLE and by making healthy choices everyday that are maintainable and sustainable.
Her gym time has become part of her daily routine and she even told me that it’s her favorite time of the day.

📲Download and subscribe to Coco Fitness App to get tons of workouts and Nutrition Tips.

📷: @mpbondie

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Thank you to the person who nominated me for this award in the Moncton area. 🥰

I’m so proud to be making a difference in my community and to be recognized in my region.

I’ve been nominated in 2 categories :
▫️Personal Traîner
▫️Weigh Loss and Nutritionist category.

🌐The link to vote is in my bio.

🖤Thanks to all of you for keeping my business and my passion alive. #cocofitness
🖤Thanks for your trust and loyalty. #imgrateful
🖤Thanks for your precious and constant feedback #comments #shares #likes #DMs

📲Coco Fitness is mostly an online business and it would never exist without this platform and all the love from you guys!
#lovelocal 🥰

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Meet my beautiful client @danedurelle

🤍She’s a nurse and works shift hours.
🤍She trains 4 times a week.
🤍She follows the balanced plate guidelines recommended in my App. #flexible #maintainable

✨What’s important is that my client understands how to balance her daily life by KEEPING IT SIMPLE and by making healthy choices everyday that are maintainable and sustainable.

📲Go sign up for my App and learn how to integrate healthy nutrition tips and #keepitsimple trainings into your daily life. You’ll also have access to several Workout Programs and there’s tons of Add-On Workouts (some without equipment).
Only $13.49\month to subscribe. Get a free 7 day trial. #cocofitnessapp

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Hi! I’m Coco,
I’m a certified personal trainer that trains clients from around the world!

I hope you’ll join me!


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